Welcome to CRAFTY CAT

Crafty Cat is an Isle of Man company specialising in the design and manufacturing of Cross-stitch kits.

Most of the subjects for the kits are based on Manx themes, in a series titled:

“Around the Island in Cross-stitch”

The Isle of Man is well-known for its beautiful and varied scenery, and its 1000 years and more of Tynwald, the oldest continuous parliament in the world, but is most famous for those iconic symbols of the Isle of Man, the “Three Legs” Coat of Arms, the tail-less Manx Cat, and for being the home for over 100 years of the TT motorcycle races.

The original cross-stitch series consisted of around fifty titles, and as some of these date back twenty years, they are now being redesigned, and will be included in the up-to-date series as soon as possible.

Please see the current range in “Cross-Stitch Kits”