A New Manx Cat book out on March 16th, written by Sara Goodwins.

Meet Troubsie the Manx Cat on the cover of the new book ‘A De-tailed Account of Manx Cats’ , along with many more Manxies, past and present with their stories.


A De-tailed Account of Manx Cats @ CraftyCat.im



The Isle of Man’s tailless cats are world famous, but the reason why they differ in this respect from almost
all other cats is still subject to misunderstanding, comment and speculation.
Did a TT motorcyclist run over a cat’s tail during the famous race? Did Mannanan, the island’s traditional
protector create cats without tails? Or, more prosaically, is taillessness the result of their heredity?
Divided into three sections the book covers the history of Manx cats, the animal today, and folklore
concerning why the cat has no tail.
With colour illustrations on every page, the book outlines the origins and mystery surrounding these intelligent
and friendly animals.


Title: A De-tailed Account of Manx Cats
Written by: Sara Goodwins
ISBN: 978-1-908060-06-8
Publication date: 16 March 2013
Retail price: £4.95
Cover: softback
Extent: 32 pages
Size: 210 mm x 210 mm
Contact details: Loaghtan Books, 17 Onslow Avenue, South Cheam, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 7ED
Tel: 020 8661 6102 Web: www.loaghtanbooks.com Email: [email protected]

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