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MANX National Heritage’s new iMuseum is providing a unique facility for enthusiasts to research a wide range of local and family history.

There are no physical exhibits in the iMuseum, next to the Manx Museum in Douglas, but it provides wireless internet access to a huge data base of information invaluable to researchers.

As well as the Manx newspapers from 1792 to 1960 – a collection comprising nine different titles from different eras – there is also information contained on the island’s war memorials and baptisms taken from the parish registers.

Information from the island’s census, 10-yearly between 1841 and 1891, is also readily accessible.

The museum has a vast store of photographs and the process of putting them on to the data base is still continuing but a substantial number of pictures are already there, including images of people and of Douglas through the ages.

Sound recordings made in the 1950s of Manx Gaelic speaker John Kneen are also included, as are more than 200 objects from the museum’s collection.

Community outreach and learning support officer Katie King said the museum had a vast store of objects which rarely, if ever, went on display and one of the delights of the iMuseum is it has limitless space, meaning a range of additional artefacts can be accommodated on the data base.

There is also a wealth of topics which can also be explored by a mouse click, from archeology to fishing via the island at war and the TT races.

The process of adding data to the iMuseum is colossal, so the museum is being updated all the time. So far, pictures of people whose surnames start with A have been loaded onto the system and the Bs are starting soon. More newspaper titles are also due to appear in the near future, as are images of Tynwald.

iMuseum Isle of Man @ CraftyCat.im

The new iMuseum complex is on Kingswood Grove in Douglas and provides a completely new level of access to the Isle of Man’s national archives. It was previewed at the Who Do You Think You Are? exhibition at London’s Olympia.

For more information email [email protected] or call 648000.

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