Manx cat story-writing contest staged

A children’s writing competition is to be held in the Isle of Man to find the best story about why the Manx cat has no tail.

The event runs from 16 April to 20 July and judging will take place during August and September.

It is open to all children aged five and six years old and entries must be no more than 500 words.

Organisers said the winning entry would be included in a new publication called A De-tailed Account of Manx Cats.

Competition judges include David Ashworth from the Lexicon Bookshop, Sara Goodwins from Loaghtan Books and Mary Cousins, librarian in charge at the Family Library.

Ms Cousins said: "What I love about children’s writing most of all is that they are less self-conscious than adults and often their creativity and turn of events are more wild and off-the-wall than you’d expect.

"I can’t wait to get reading."

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