Isle of Man is purrfect home for Harry Potter cat

Cats Isle of Man, Manx Cats, Manx Cat, Crafty Cat Isle of Man ONE of the stars of the Harry Potter films lives in Douglas. And it seems Pumpkin, who plays the world’s most famous moggy – Hermione’s pet cat Crookshanks – has got used to a celebrity lifestyle. Pumpkin’s trainer and owner, Donna McCormick-Smith […]

Archaeology Exhibition Isle of Man, Manx Museum Douglas

Archaeology Isle of Man, Museum Isle of Man, Manx Heritage, Cross stitch Kits Isle of Man, Cross-stitch isle of man, Crafty Cat Isle of man

During archaeological excavations at Ronaldsway two years ago, the skeleton of a man was found that bore the marks of a violent death. He had died nearly three thousand […]