Dunkirk ship Mona’s Queen memorial held on Isle of Man

Hundreds of people have attended a memorial service on the Isle of Man dedicated to the crew who died on board the Mona’s Queen in World War II.

The Steam Packet vessel was sunk near France during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 after it struck a German mine.

Seventeen of the vessel’s 24 crew were […]

New report recommends step-by-step plan to restore Queen’s Pier

RAMSEY Pier could be restored – and progressively reopened to the public – in seven phases costing between £1.2 million and £1.7m each, a new report concludes.

But director of harbours Captain Mike Brew said that with the squeeze on public finances, there was little likelihood of Tynwald approval being sought for such a phased […]

Reflections on TT artefacts

CURATING the TT Races, reflecting on Manx National Heritage’s motorcycle racing exhibitions of the past five years, will be the title of a talk on Friday, February 17, at the Manx Museum, Douglas.

Curator of social history Matthew Richardson will discuss interesting aspects, and talk about how the exhibitions came together. He will also […]

2012 Rally Isle of Man Receives Green Light

Rally Isle of Man, the Island’s premier four-wheeled motorsport event, will take place in 2012. September 21st and 22nd are the planned dates, organisers have confirmed this week. Much has been happening behind the scenes since the cancellation of last year’s edition, not least significant personnel changes.

Crafty Cat is an Isle of Man […]

Visiting Manx heritage sites is free for everyone under 18

EVERYONE under 18 will be able to go to Manx National Heritage attractions for free of charge next year.

Conister Bank has extended its sponsorship of the ACE cards – the 2012 versions of which will be distributed to 12,500 schoolchildren and students in January.

Crafty Cat is an Isle of Man […]

TT Postcard set to mark Centenary of the Mountain Course

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A very special limited edition box set packed with unique TT memorabilia has been produced by Isle of Man Post Office for the official Centenary of the Mountain Course, in addition two 1911 photographs have been reproduced with special […]

TT Race Course Map Cross Stitch Kit – Amazing Souvenir of the Isle of Man TT’s

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This very large and comprehensive cross Stitch Kit has got to be the ultimate TT souvenir from this year’s 2011 Isle of Man TT races.