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Jurby Junk Isle of Man @ Web

Founded in 1976 this Isle of Man Business has become a must-see attraction on the Isle of Man. Catering for locals, tourists and Coach parties Jurby Junk is a true Aladdin’s Cave packed with junk of incredible proportions.

Stock ranges from postcards and IOM souvenirs to children’s toys, videos, buttons, ribbon, badges, stickers, tea towels, tea cups, baskets, picture frames – to name but a few. The book store is huge – 3,000 sq ft and is stacked high. Any avid book reader could be lost for days.

Jurby Junk Book Shop Isle of Man @ Web Jurby Junk Isle of Man @ Web Jurby Junk Isle of Man @ Web

Jurby Junk has been the family business of Stella Pixton for the past 35 years and is now for sale as a going concern.

Jurby Junk is located in the North of the Isle of Man 2 1/2 miles from Sulby, 7 miles from Ramsey and 16 miles from Douglas. The business is in two parts, both in 3,000 sq ft warehouses. They are available separately or as one business.

Jurby Junk is a available at a leasehold price of £80,000 and the book shop £40,000. This prices are inclusive of all stock valued at £60,000 for the Junk stock and £30,000 for the Books stock.

Please contact Stella on 01624 897815 for more details.

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