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THE audience arriving for Ramsey National Week’s Manx Fairy Tales concert felt as though they were stepping back in time and entering an old fisherman’s cottage, complete with a fire blazing in the choillagh and ‘pot dogs’ on the mantlepiece. This was thanks to a stunning backcloth painted by Deborah Taubman.

Annie Kissack introduced each item, explaining how it linked-in to Sophia Morrison’s folk story collection, published just over 100 years ago, featuring such familiar characters as the Buggane of St Trinian’s and the Moddey Doo of Peel Castle.

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Annie and Clare Kilgallon opened the programme with their haunting duet, Arrane y Lhondoo (Blackbird’s Song).

The programme continued with lively dancing of Hunt the Wren by Auldyn Infants and an instrumental medley by Scoill Ree Gorree’s Share na Veg, showing that the tradition is well and truly alive.

Cliogaree Twoaie choir took up the story, singing Manannan’s Song, based on legends of the Sea-God, Manannan Mac-y-Leir.

After a break for a Manx ‘tay’ provided by members of Ramsey Heritage Trust, the second half opened with Fantasias on Manx Folk Tunes for clarinet and piano by the talented Tim Price, who will shortly graduate from Bangor University with a first class degree in composition. Tim was accompanied on piano by Frank Woolley. Although a departure from the familiar, the music was greeted by warm and enthusiastic applause.

Continuing the folk tale theme, the choir sang Snieu Qheeyl Snieu, from ‘The Lazy Wife’ and Ushag Veg Ruy (Ballad of the Little Red Bird).

Choir member Marlene Hendy stepped out of the ranks to give a plaintive solo in Manx, Padjer Columb Killey (St Columba’s Prayer), which was a fitting way to end the evening.

On behalf of the Trust, Sue Woolley thanked all the performers for providing such an entertaining evening. She also gives personal thanks to the hard-working kitchen team, Ramsey Bakery for its contribution, and to daughter Chloe for her help in compiling the programme.

And extra special thanks to Deborah for her art work, which really created the atmosphere!

Later in the week Friends of Auldyn School drew Ramsey National Week to a close with their successful Tynwald Jubilee Teas event on Saturday at Ramsey Town Hall

The school’s Manx Dance team, drawn from Years 1 and 2 (ages five to seven), opened the event with the Couples Dance and another rendition of Hunt the Wren. Upstairs the room was adorned with Manx bunting and red, white and blue table decorations, and there was face painting, tattoos, a quiz, and possibly one of the biggest cake stalls Ramsey has ever seen.

Organisers extended their thanks to everyone who supported the event, helping raise £503.88 for the Parents Teachers Association.

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